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An Open Letter (to all the mommas mourning a mother that's alive)

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

o today. Do it Mama! May12,2019 -Mothers Day

Dear heartbroken momma,

I know today is especially hard for you. Its hard because you have to celebrate being a mother, knowing that your own mother isn't available. Not because she has passed, not because she is sick, but because she can't bring herself to call you. This is not because of some phone mishap, or because something happened that prevented her from calling. It's because she has made a choice not to. This choice hurts. There are days you wish there was some legitimate sickness ,or work. Today.....I want you to smile at the blessing God has given you. Do it Mama! Today choose to look up. Look up at God, with joy in your heart , and say.....thank you Lord for this amazing journey called motherhood. Do it Mama. Look at those beautiful babies. Look at their playful grins as you make silly faces. Look at the homemade cards they made you. Look at the breakfast they made you, enjoy the good deeds of your children, and your husband; and relax. Do it Mama. Today..... choose to be happy. Do it mama. Today is your day. Don't look down at your phone. Don't worry about whether she will call you. Don't do it mama. Don't cry because she doesn't see you for who you are. Don't dwell on the relationship you wish you had with her. Don't do it mama. Today ........pray....pray that God repairs your relationship with her..... Tomorrow pray.........tomorrow cry.....tomorrow heal.....but for now..... enjoy today. Today , right now in this moment. this is when your children need you to embrace the day , they made you a mama. Do it mama. Give it to God . The job is His. She is His. these children ......In this season they are yours .S

o today. Do it Mama!

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