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Make God Your Center Focus

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

We live in a fast-moving time. There are so many distractions. The same tools that help us navigate life, can also be the same tools the break us. There have been times that I've looked at a text or taking a call in the middle of my husband talking to me. We live in such a digital world now. I mean let's be honest we're able to take advantage of the world that social media allows while multitasking. In the process of doing this though, we are being neglectful and ignoring flesh-and-blood people with who who share a room and a life with. It is impossible to be fully present and listen when we have one eye on our phone. The same thing can be said when it comes to being in the word and having our focus on Jesus Christ. If we were distracted with worldly idols and not taking a relationship with God seriously, our relationship with him suffers. We need to be adamant and asking Him, to help us be better at retaining our priorities. Giving him and the people that were in love with our full and love and attention. That means our undivided attention. Leaning on God for this understanding will help protect our hearts, and listen with our hearts.

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