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This girl...Found God.

This girl.......

She has changed....

She found God.....

She found herself....

She became worthy.....

She became a wife.....

She became a mother....

She went from partying to praying

She went from broken to repaired

She went from lost to found

She went from dirty to washed clean

She went from rockin to music ,to rockin the baby

She went from hopeless to redeemed

She went from crying over breakups, to crying in prayer

She stopped seeking sin , and started seeking God.

She stopped giving her heart away, and gave it to God.

She realized that her worth didn't come from boys, and friends

Her past doesn't change how she parents nurtures,loves, and worships.

It does not define her. It empowers her.

It no longer matters if she fits in, or is casted out

She now understands that the woman in the mirror is a refelection of His image

Her story is written on the palm of His hands.

Her worth is found in the Jesus Christ.

That is all that matters to her now.

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