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You can be a good Christian and still worry.

I know that I will lose friends over this.

What I am about to write is going to upset people.

God put some things on my heart today. I can't just ignore that. So here goes...

I can't speak for all Christians.

But some things need to be said.

This is not a post for debate or political purpose.

This post is meant to speak to the hearts of the ones who need to hear it.

Right now in this moment, with the way the world is...We should be coming together. We as a country, should be a force to reckon with.. we should not allow politics and health to separate us. I don't have it in me to hate anyone. I am A Christian. My job is to follow Christ's example. That doesn't mean I get to belittle my brothers and sisters in Christ over a mask and a shot.. That doesn't mean we can tell people they are faithless if they sway one way or another. We must stop using Christianity as a way to badger people.

Wearing a mask doesn't make you a Christian.

NOT wearing a mask doesn't make you a Christian.

Getting a shot doesn't make you a Christian.

NOT getting a shot doesn't make you a Christian.

Being afraid of dying from this pandemic doesn't make you less of a Christian.

Not being afraid of dying doesn't make you more of a Christian.

The Blood of Jesus makes you a Christian.

The broken chains make you a Christian.

The life you live through HIS WORD makes you a Christian.

Being cleansed white as snow is what makes you a Christian.

Not being ugly and judgmental is what makes you a Christian.

Loving one another is what makes you a Christian.

OBEYING HIS COMMANDS is what makes you a Christian.

Repentance is what makes you a Christian.

We are here to follow HIM!

We are not here for ourselves.

Believers.....Please stop shaming your brothers and sisters for being scared of this virus. This virus is real.

People are dying.

We are all scared of something! If your scared of a car accident, or heights, or clowns, or sharks, it is no different than being scared of the virus. The Bible says to Fear Not...but we still fear. You know why that is??

Because we are SINNERS!!!

We all fall short.

Yet He still loves us.

We are dirty rotten sinners.

Jesus knew this.

God knew this.

That's what makes being His child so liberating!

The Bible says not to be afraid.

The Bible also says not to lie.

But we are all guilty of that too.

Being scared...Means .. Being Human.

This virus is scary.

I am a mother and a wife. I am going to worry about my children. Ofcourse I am scared and I am not ashamed to say it. I am currently raising my children in an awfully scary world. Don't you think that Mary worried about her son Jesus. Moses' own mother hid him on a river because she was WORRIED he would die. You can tell me all day where the Bible says not to worry.. but I want you to show me a place in the Bible where a mother didn't worry.. I am a Christian, and I am afraid of this virus. I am also afraid of murderers, and pedophiles and accidents etc.etc...The virus doesn't care if I'm a Christian or not. Stop telling me to not be scared. Instead tell me that Jesus has me in the palm of His hand. Tell me that Jesus knows how scared I am and He will ease my fear. But whatever you do stop making me and other Christian mamas feel like we suck because we are scared. I get scared a lot. But as soon as I do...I run to Jesus.... He calms me down... But He also knows I will probably run to Him again tomorrow. He knows I need Him. We all need Him in some way. It is ok to be scared. As long as you know Jesus has you in the palm of His hand. As long as you let Him pick you up. This is why He died.

The virus is scary, why wouldn't it be? It's not God made. Why would we as Christians not be scared of something of the world?

I as a Christian am allowed to be scared.

When it first started it was an unknown kind of scared.

I no idea what was happening or what to expect.

As time went on I was an untrusted scared.

I didn't trust the media or the virus.

Then I became a confused scared.

I wasn't sure what to think or what to believe anymore.

Then people around me started getting sick.

People I knew started dying.

All of a sudden all that mattered was the fact that it didn't matter if I was a believer or a non believer.

The virus doesn't care. It was going to attack no matter what you believed.

It has gotten so out of hand that many Christians are afraid to put a mask on out of fear that they will be seen as faithless.

If you want to wear a mask Jesus still loves you.

If you don't want to wear a mask Jesus still loves you.

If you get a shot Jesus still loves you.

If you don't get a shot Jesus still loves you.

Things need to change.

As for me.

I am not ashamed to say I am scared.

I am not ashamed to say I need Jesus right now during this pandemic more than ever.

Shot or no shot.

Mask or no mask.

The only way we will ever get through this alive and with our sanity is if we do it with humble hearts and praying hands.

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