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Pray for Abortion

Updated: Feb 1, 2020

I want to start off by saying a few things ... I want you to hear me out because sometimes on social-media things can get pretty ugly. I am not sharing this because I'm a liberal, I'm not sharing this because I'm a conservative, I'm sharing this because the awareness goes far beyond just one side's view. Awareness and change is not going to come from hate... It is not going to come from judgment... When it comes to abortion it is not as cut-and-dry as we would all like to pretend it is. The decision to abort is not easy for everybody. The decision to keep the baby is not easy for everybody. I want to be perfectly clear. I do not stand for abortion. I do not think that abortion is okay. As a woman I can't kill the other half of me . As a Christian, I know it goes against everything God demands and expects of us, .....but as a human being, I understand why some women do it. Not too long ago I would have not understood it. How any woman can do that to their child or to anybody. I took a hard stance on it. I still do. You will never get me to agree to killing a baby, in or out of the womb. Because this is so near to my heart, I've done a lot of research, I've reached out to clinics, doctors, pro-choice, pro-life, victims and many more resources. I wanted to understand it. I wanted to be educated on the matter more in depth, enough to be able to actually help in some way. I'm saying this right now, in the hopes that if you're reading this, you stop the judgement, you stop the hate, abortion is wrong,... but telling an 11 year old pregnant girl that she is a murderer is not the answer. The 23 year old in Chicago shouldn’t have to share actual custody of her child with a rapist. The system sucks, it fails women of rape, it fails children in the Foster system, it fails the Healthcare System for women and children. Women are dying, children are dying. This is not a liberal or conservative thing. This is a God thing. Our system needs to be fixed. Our system needs God. It's not that there's too many liberals or too many conservatives. Its that there's not enough warriors for Christ in the system, , willing to do right by mercy in His name. Change is not going to happen, while you're sitting on Facebook arguing with people about pro-choice and pro-life. The change comes the moment you get down on your knees and you pray, pray for these women that feel like the only choice they have is abortion. Pray for the babies that are being aborted. Pray for the failed system. And everyone suffering because of it. Pray for the politicians. Pray for the rapist Souls. Pray in a car. Pray at your desk. Pray anywhere. But getting on social media and arguing about it, isn't going to change anything. If you love God, pray for the women and pray for the babies. I do not agree that men can't have a say in abortion. With that said... men... you cannot look a rape victim in the eyes, and tell her what she can and cannot do. In that moment, in her head, she's fighting for herself. she is in a take her life back moment, the more you try to control her and tell her what to do, the more she's going to want to push back. She is literally in the process of picking the pieces of herself up . You cannot drag her down even further that doesn't help . Although you have a say in it. Pregnancy as a product of rape is something you will never understand. So choose to be gracious. Choose to not judge. Pray for her. men do right by these women and these babies, love them without judgment. Women, there's no greater power, and blessing, then being there, to empower another woman like yourself, use the empathy and heart and knowledge that God gave you. These women in these babies are lost in a dark broken system. Be a flashlight, love them. YOU DONT HAVE TO BE PRO -CHOICE TO BE A FRIEND. If you have to be something, be PRO-Jesus!

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