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True justice is found in God, not in a courtroom.

Today I wanted to write about a topic that's so sensitive to many. It's a subject that is very relevant but also very controversial. Right now women all over the world are rising up, speaking up, standing up, and shaping up like never before. It's one of the fastest growing movements of our time. All over the news we hear about the ever so unfourtunate events of sexual immorality, sexual abuse, sexual assault , sexual harassment , and even rape. But these immoralties don't just effect women. I feel compelled to talk about this subject at hand because not only is it the big elephant in the room , but I wouldn't be doing a very good job at advocating if I didn't at least mention this topic and how to heal and find hope and peace with it, the biblical way. Being treated as an object is never ok. It does not matter your sex, race, age , or status. No one deserves to be treated this way. It happens everywhere all the time . Since the beginning of time. You will even find mention of these immoralities in the bible. Rape and harassment are not prejudice to neither victim or suspect. Sexual crimes have female victims, male victims and sadly children victims. Persons of power , persons of simplicity , and persons of faith are all capable of committing these heinous acts. There is so much debate right now with this .......and our focus should be on prayer in this time of change, instead of arguing over whether women are right or whether men are right. This should be about human rights. Christ does not want separation in times of strife . He wants fellowship and unity. .........There are 2 sides to this debate. We have to remember this when we think about humanity as a whole.Women are rising up because they are angry that they went so long feeling helpless and voiceless. Being treated as if all they had to offer the world was their body. Working ten times harder to keep a job , or achieve any dreams or goals because their kind hearts, smart minds , and raw talent were completely overlooked unless they were willing to lay down for it. And according to societies standards.....being physically unattractive was an automatic no , even while holding a high degree.......and being attractive was a sure ticket to being envied or lusted after. Women for too long were punished, attacked , harassed , abused , all because of how God created them physically. Men are made to feel ashamed or weak if they even tell anyone that they were sexually mistreated. Most of them vowing to take it to their graves. Children are left feeling absolutely helpless and hopeless and carry it into adulthood , sometimes going from victim to perpetrater. Being raped or sexually assaulted leaves a person with an emptiness that no human can fix. It's a gap that only Christ himself can heal. But allowing Christ to heal this brokenness does not always come easy for victims .It effects the way they see themselves, the way they see mankind, the way they interpret love, and leaves them feeling untrusting , unloved, unfaithful, and as if they are unworthy. Although the worst act is over the darkness follows them . Sometimes when it's been dark for so long , they are not capable of seeing light anymore. So they start to blame themselves or anyone that resembles the memory. This is especially hard for women , because Christ's image is portrayed as a male, then confusing the situation even more and that can be a huge factor as to why a female victim would not feel adapt to come to Him so freely. So you have ..... these hurdles to conquer........

1. You feel unworthy of Gods Love 2. You feel as though unconditional love can't possibly exist 3. You trust no one or nothing anymore 4. You don't love yourself

All of the things are a big reason a person of sexual abuse can't come to find God. If you are a person who has dealt with sexual abuse in some way and you feel as though you want to know Him and you believe in Him. I want you to try to focus on getting there.

Recipe To Finding God Through Healing

1. You have got to forgive the person that hurt you 2. You have got to forgive the situation 3. You have to stop blaming yourself 4. You have to forgive yourself for what happend and how you lived your life after that 5. You have to at some point start loving yourself , which includes doing what makes you happy and not what makes others happy( a lot of victims continue to be people pleasers or find acceptance through unhealthy relationships) 6. Know your worth( your worth is not determined by any other persons love for you, it is only determined by Gods love, be more adamant about what your willing to put up with in your life and why your not.) 7. Choose happy- more likely than not you have spent a long time being angry and unhappy, you have to make a valid choice to choose to smile not matter what 8. Realize you are a survivor - you have made it this far and God has big plans for you ! Going from victim to survivor is one of the greatest achievements in self healing. 9. Find God- read your bible, go to church.... Come to him, pray , talk to a pastor or friend. 10. Find your purpose and conquer the world! LIKE A BOSS! The Busy Praying Mom

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