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Your only limit is you.

Good Saturday Morning to you all! Starting today we are going to have a small change, I will no longer incorporate a prayer into our study. I want you all to say your own prayer at the end of the study. Independent prayer is important. In a study like this , its much more effective and beneficial. We all love to succeed right? Success for some people means , winning a game, getting the job of their dreams or finding their soul mate. All of these things are great, with hard work, just as long as you keep your focus and faith on Christ Jesus. As humans we love when all of our plans come to fruition, and money is rolling in, our loved ones are happy and healthy, and everything happens with ease and grace. Those times remind us that working hard and having faith do count in the eyes of God, who loves us and provides for us. But we should never put all of our faith in money and success . I personally have had them taken away just as quickly as I've earned them. Should we enjoy them ? Yes. But lean on them? No. The only thing we should ever lean on is the ever-present love of God, which never diminshes or decreases. Thank You, God, for being our one true provider. Todays verse is 1 Timothy 6:17 " Charge them that are rich in this world , they be not highminded, nor trust in uncertain riches, but in the living God, who giveth us richly all things to enjoy." Todays quote is .......YOUR ONLY LIMIT IS YOU.

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