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Stop looking at others through the eyes of Satan

So I prayed and contemplated writing this post.. mainly because it's social media.. And I know someone somewhere is probably going to take offense. Because how exactly do you right a post asking people to be more kind while at the same time judging the unkindness. Well there is no right way.

But for me I feel like there is a huge difference between feeling offended and feeling convicted.


YES I have a job(more than 1) No I did not get more than 1 tank of gas.

Ya'll Satan is out to kill and destroy right now. He doesn't want us to come together. He doesn't want us to see all the good that God has to offer. Satan doesn't want us to stumble. He wants us to destroy..

Who are we as humans and Christians if we can't even take a second to love each other the way God asked us to. It would make my heart so happy to open up my FB feed and see more posts of people venting about how marvelous Jesus is. I would love to see more prayer requests for Israel . I want to see out-cry over the injustice of human trafficking victims and the abuse of children. I want to see an abundance of digital revival. But instead I see hate. I see panic after panic. I see photo after photo of strangers getting gas. I see people talking about how greedy other people are. I hear anger over a substance that we can't even take to heaven with us. I encourage you to stop before you post that angry venting post. I want you to realize it only adds to the panic more.. Taking the time to take a picture of a good Samaritan goes a lot further into the hearts of the people that call you friend.. Take a picture of what book you are reading today.. take a picture of what your cooking for dinner.. and take less pictures of someone at a gas station. Please fill my comments section with positive things. People are so hateful. I don't know why I felt led to write this today, but it needs to be said. We all fall short of the glory of the Lord. We must take the speck out of our own eyes. We must humble ourselves. Yes people are being selfish. But not everyone getting gas cans is hoarding. Yes ugly is out there. What if they were getting gas for someone else?? What if they have more than one car? What if they don't want to send their teenager out in the chaos. What if they have farm equipment. Ok ok and so what if they take more than they should. That is not worth you slipping out of grace for. Are we really any better for blasting them without knowing? God gave way more blood than He should have. Let's stop acting like we didn't know that people were selfish. As if it's some big surprise that Satan works that way. It solves absolutely nothing when we show anything but grace to these people regardless of how they act. Because it is as if we have all forgotten how much Grace was shown to us up on that hill.

If I sound harsh it's because I am passionate about change. I am passionate about being better than what the media tries to portray America as. I believe in being a light during dark times, even when it pains me to do it. I get upset too. How about we show Satan and the media that we don't care? That we are better than chatter engagement in their world of digital advancement. How about we stop adding to the negative agenda. How about we start sharing scripture and things that make us happy. How about we try loving each other a little more, and interacting in a more positive way. Lets make smiles go viral.

Let's make The Gospel go viral.

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