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Rise from the Ashes

I hope everyone is staying safe from the storms! We can surely have faith that God will keep us safe! I have found that as the days have gone by it has been easier and easier to trust in the Lord and rely on the Lord. The weight on my shoulders has a name. Its name is worry! As this study goes on worry has lost more and more weight. It feels great! Today we are reading Psalm 119:90 Thy faithfullness is unto all generations: thou has established the earth, and it abideth. Lets pray- Heavenly Father human faith lives between two extremes, Lord : Its neither completly blind. Nor able to see everything. It has plenty of evidence when it steps out and trusts you, but it takes each step with a good many questions still unanswered. Its quite an adventure, this life of faith. Lord, I must confess that experiencing your faithfullness over time makea it easier to trust you with the unknown in life. Thankyou for your unshakable devotion. Todays strength quote is; I SURVIVED BECAUSE THE FIRE INSIDE ME , BURNED BRIGHTER THAN THE FIRE AROUND ME... Just a note I would love to hear how faith has helped you this week. Please message me and tell me how using faith was a success in your life this week. Have a great day ladies and always dont forget to pray for eachother. Call an old friend today!

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