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Our purpose lies in our hunger for God.

Ok, so if your a parent.... than by now you already know how hard it is. I am sure you have realized how overwhelming it is. We are responsible for another little persons life. The shear thought of somehow messing that up is enough to make anyone nervous. In the early stages of parenthood we have to teach our children how to feed themselves. When their babies you have to teach them how to hold the spoon and not to throw food on the floor etc. etc..... But instinctively they put everything in their mouth. It doesn't matter what it is really.... if they are near the closest object they will pick it up and try to chew it. As parents we have a more controlled involvement on what we feed our kids. So although we can't take full credit on they way the feed themselves. We can stand confident in knowing that what we give them to eat is what's best for them. This same example applies to the way we steer

them towards the Lord. Instinctively we all have that hunger for God. We were all created with a natural spiritual craving for Him. But just like babies we must learn how to fill our hunger. There are things that we will try to put into our lives that will never satisfy us. No matter how hard we try to fill this void in our hearts and souls. The only true way to remedy our void is through Him. Even in the darkest depths of our hearts. Because we were created to hunger after Him.

To seek Him.

To serve Him

To Love Him.

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