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Nothing can hold us back, because we have God.

The thunderstorm pretty much woke me up in the moddle of the night. Which feels terrible because I had just gone to bed an hour before that.I got out of bed to dogs barking, kids awake, and ofcourse no coffee ready. I was disheveled, tired , annoyed, and nervous at the same time. I am not really a fan of thunderstorms happening in the middle of the night. So i get everyone settled, scroll facebook, check the weather, grade some papers, finish an episode, and answer an email. All before starting my day. Is it any surprise that with the morning not even behind me I felt anxious, scattered, and pretty much all over the place. Then I realized.....I didn't once pick up my Bible to ease my anxiety. I felt soooo convicted. So I took some time to read some scripture. Then I said a little prayer. I prayed that the Lord would help me quiet my mind so that I may receive Him. I asked that His word cut through the distractions, so they challenge my heart. I tell you this because our lives are filled with so much information to process and absorb. This is especially hard for anxiety filled mamas like myself. So I would love to do a challenge with you today. I would love for you to take a moment to pray, and read one scripture from the Bible. Try to associate it with something you are struggling with right now. Then spend some time over the next week, memorizing it. I do this sometimes.Overtime, it helps calm me in times of anxiousness.

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