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It doesn't matter how rude they are. Just be kind.

It's hard to be pleasant now-a-days. We live in a time of rude, bullying, road raging, and unpleasant people. Everywhere we look , people are immersed in their own concerns, and agendas. Especially during the holidays. So that makes it that much harder for us to be kind. Keeping a godly manner isn't just something we should do because it's the right, and moral thing to do. We should do it because God's word says so. We are called to shine His light ,and be His example. Responding with kindness, is not always our first response; but it should be. The more you know Christ, the more you read His word, and the more you pray; the better you will become at responding to negative people with grace. Let Christ guide and encourage your words with: please, thanks, excuse me, and I am sorry. Pray with and for people, more than you gossip, and argue with them. Let it go. So what if your not the first in line, on the road, or at work. Allow your good manners to be more catching then others bad manners. Most of the first to pass them on. And now the Lord show kindness and truth unto you: and I also will requite you with kindness, because you have done this thing. 2 Samuel 2:6

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