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As You Break Cycles. He breaks Chains.

Tonight I lie in bed, I ask God to hold you. I pray for the person fighting the generational curse. I see you.. I am you.. On the hardest days you do it with no support system. You fight silent battles, so others won't see you slip. I know in this moment you feel like your doing it alone. God is with you every step of the way. He sees the how you refuse to let Satan light your match. God is in this with you.. He knows how hard it is for you.He is the hand that holds you back, everytime you want to scream. He is the heart that guides you, when you refuse to let the cycle spill over into your children. He is the eyes that give clear vision as you make decisions to better your life. He fights beside you as you struggle to stand up when the enemy attacks you. He is the one holding you when you have finally had enough. It is Him who reminds you how powerful you are everytime you want to give up. He is ready to listen everytime the pain becomes too much.. But most importantly....He understands how far your willing to go to break the cycles in your family. All because you love your children.

So tonight I pray for this temporary wilderness you are going through. This journey of rediscovering who you really are. I pray that one day you can come to realize this struggle does get better. One dayyou will finally get to stop unlearning all the bad habits you have ever known, just so you can learn a million other good ones. All because you just want to save yourself. All because you want to save them.

As you continue to break cycles. HE CONTINUES TO BREAK CHAINS!


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