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Sometimes God just wants you to listen.

I had the honor ...of speaking with a brave woman. She was homeless and life was not always kind to her. She spoke of rape, abandonment, and street life. She had very little family , very little support and her self confidence was dwindling. Although she lacked these things, her faith was strong. She was humble, empathetic, and kind. She was not bitter or angry. She had a heart for Jesus bigger then I had ever seen . I laughed with her , I prayed with her, and I cried with her. Y'all this sweet lady. .....she lost so much. She lost so many she loved. She endured pain and turmoil and torture. She leaned in to me and wiped my tears. She asked me .... "Why are you crying?"

I said "what do you mean?"

She said..."I have told this testimony to many people .People have hugged me, people have cried with me , and people have prayed with me. But no one held my hand and looked me in the eyes while I told my story. I dont know what it is but it was different this time. The hardest part about talking to people about what happen is that I feel like they judge me. I have nothing to offer them. All I have is me and my story.

I looked at her and I said......You have given me such a gift. You made me realize something today. You have forced me to see a side of myself that needed to be broken down. You were a teacher today. You used your wisdom to show little old me that what I overcame was a mountain .....You taught me that a mountain is bad. But that a volcano in the deepest depths of the ocean are not as easy to overcome . You inspired me today.

She started crying and said..... You dont know what it means to hear that. I am not very smart. I didnt know I was capable of inspiring anyone. Especially someone that reached out to help me.

I responded Oh sweet lady. You are smart, and beautiful, and strong. You are more beautiful, and strong , and smart because of the scars you carry.

Y'all. This sweet lady made me realize how foolish I was for ever doubting Christ. For ever thinking the wilderness I went through was the only one. But most of all she schooled me on ever believing I was called to do this to help other people. Its not just about inspiring others. Its also about being inspired with them. This was for me too. God places the ones you would least expect in your path to teach you. You just have to hear it.

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