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You Either get Better or You Get Bitter

I have soooo many testimonies, I could share with you. Today I will share this one. I grew up in a home where my mother, siblings , and me were , emotionally, physically , and sexually abused, this was done by someone who was supposed to protect us. My father. When, you go from ,little girl, to teen, in an environment, that dark and evil, you dont come out of it NOT having major issues with faith. Not only do you, feel unloved, unworthy, and hopeless. You also feel like you can not trust or have faith in anyone. And you certainly dont have faith in yourself. But in a sense you dont know what safety or protection feels like. So I grew up and went from one bad relationship to the next. As a young adult I lived a moral life, I believed in God , but I didnt have faith because , trying to comprehend that love like that exsisted was extremely difficult , because it had simply never exsisted in my world. It was was growing closer to God and having FAITH in him, that made me stand strong. I tell you this to say.....

That standing strong in faith doesnt just mean telling yourself to trust and let go, having faith means actually letting go. Giving it to God. And every single day having courage to smile and not let your past define you. Take any stress and any pain you have and tell someone your testimony. That story might just be what finally locks your faith in, and ultimately, where someone elses begins. Today I want to talk about how your Faith should be LOUD! As christians we should spread the Gospel and knowledge, and Wisdom. Faith has many forms . It can be shown , through Courage, it can be shown through Love. It can even be shown through Serving! Faith isnt such a simple word. It has many forms. As long as you have faith in the Lord , Your faith has a way of shining light on different aspects of your life when it needs to. It will also shine on someone elses. We all know a "shrinking violet", someone who shies away from attention. But being a Christian means doing the opposite. Who made a bigger splash in history than Jesus Christ? Its important to stand confidently in your faith and embrace it with your whole heart. To shy away from the message or what it means in your life is to shirk Gods teachings. Turn to Hebrews 10:39 "But we are not of them who draw back unto perdition; but of them that believe to the saving of the soul." Lets pray.... Father, you have always been there, whether i wanted to see u or not you were there. I will continue to hold firm to my Faith and not doubt you, even when I get angry or scared. My Faith in you will only get better from here. And I know that as I continue to have stronger faith in you, I in turn start having better faith in myself. I want to be a light in a dark world. Amen. Todays quote is..... YOU EITHER GET BITTER, OR YOU GET BETTER. IT'S THAT SIMPLE. YOU EITHER TAKE WHAT HAS BEEN DEALT TO YOU, AND ALLOW IT TO MAKE YOU A BETTER PERSON, OR YOU ALLOW IT TO TEAR YOU DOWN. THE CHOICE DOES NOT BELONG TO FATE. IT BELONGS TO YOU.

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