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You can take Jesus out of the world. But not my heart.

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

I sit here in utter amazement. I am both sad and at peace at the same time. Some would say that's oxy- moronic. Let me explain....

Here's why I'm sad.

I am sad because slowly but surely the world as we know it is crumbling. I am not sad because people don't agree with me. I am not sad because people vote differently than me. I am not sad because people want to dress or behave a certain way. I am sad because, when I look out into the world I see my brothers and sisters lost. Lost in the chaos. Lost in the hate. Lost in the lies. I see half of them with hearts for Jesus, and half of them who haven't found Him yet. I see a bunch of people caring more about politicians than they do about policy. They care more about two men that don't know the names of their children. Then they do about the almighty who knows every hair on their head. I am sad because the world my children were born into, is not the world they are seeing now. Slowly His name is being ripped from our lips, our pledges and our stores. He is being treated as if everything He did for us is a lie. As if it meant nothing. That is the greatest offense to me. Say what you want. But once Christianity is attacked. That makes the hypocrisy apparent. You can't make laws that force me to love people all while zipping our lips because we love Jesus. I am a Christian. A Christ follower will love them anyway, because God ordered us to love them long before the laws of the land did. True Christian's don't work that way. We submit to a much higher authority already. It's not about not wanting to be controlled. We already know what true submission is. It is not about control and judgment. Not for us. It's about preserving what we know to be true to Him. It's knowing what He has taught us, and what legacy we want to carry on to our children. To further the Gospel and create disciples. This year has not been just about government and politics. It has been about good vs. evil. We just want IN GOD WE TRUST to bring true to the rest of the world. I am being brainwashed to believe that the mention of His name actually makes me the non-Christian one. I am being made to feel as though I am wrong for loving Him, worshipping Him, and honoring Him. The ones that don't know my Father tell me I don't love them, simply because I obey His words and support His Gospel. I am told that I am wrong for standing up for Him and His rules. If I walk next to Him I am judgmental. If I follow Him I must be in a radical cult. So I am sad. In fact I feel like I am the one that is slowly losing my rights or freedom of religion. I am afraid to even say that nowadays, because if I do I discredit someone else's beliefs.

But I am at peace...

I am at peace because, the Bible said this would happen. God is in full control and he will prevail. My soul is safe.

I am at peace knowing the outcome. I knew it would. I believed it would. But I honestly didn't think I would see it in my lifetime. Just because I know the outcome, doesn't mean it doesn't still hurt to see all the destruction and separation.

Here is the truth I am not "the Christian" of "the world" I am a Christian for Christ. I am not the Christian that tells you how bad you are because you sin. I am the Christian that tells you I sin too. Yet Jesus loves us anyway .I do not care who you worship. I do not care how you vote. I do not care what you wear. I do not care who you love. I do not even care if you like me. I still love you no matter what. Yes. I can still love you and not agree with your lifestyle. But that does not mean I should be forced to accept it. Nor does it give me the right to tell you how to live it. I am called to love. I don't sit high enough to judge. But my children are learning, they are watching , and they love Jesus. They are not old enough to understand the full intensity of what this world has come to. They have rights too. I will guard their hearts and protect their rights till the day I go to be with Jesus. They have the right to go to church. They have the right to play sports with boys and girls just like them. Just like I did. They have the right to talk about Jesus without being censored at school or online. They have the right to watch tv without being forced to see inappropriate images or language. They have the right to play outside without helicopter mom's like me making sure they don't get kidnapped. I am sorry but it is not ok with me and it makes me sad. I now live in a world where I am actually being encouraged to ask my children to call me parent instead of mama. The sweet sound of mama. Can you believe it. We can't wait to hear those sweet words for the first time and now this! I am being told that my 35 years of being female no longer matters. I am now expected to tell my daughters this. Even though I worked my butt off to get here. Even though the women before me risked it all. Now it is as easy as saying I am a man. Grandmothers can now look towards a future with no gender reveal parties. God made me a female. I have 3 boys and 3 girls I will now proudly jot it down from here on out on every document I fill out for them . I was never against the policies of other people's rights until it infringed on mine. I always cheered for justice. I always rooted for the under dog .I always said good for them. Stand up for what you believe in. Now when it's my turn to stand up, and I am told to sit down. I will not riot. But I will not lay down. I will not break the law but I will not let my daughter use a bathroom alone. I will not like it. I think it is wrong. I will pray. I will watch God win. I will not cause a scene. But my kids will not play sports. They will not watch sports. And they will never stop calling me their mother. I will stand for America. I will kneel to God. I will hold my babies. I will let God handle the rest. Now my liberty is threatened. Now my Father is being erased. You can erase Him from America. Even censor Him online. But you will never Delete Him from my life. His blood will always be stained on that cross. And my love for Him will never stop.

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