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This is Not How Your Story Will End

A Couple of months ago I received some news about my own health that was discouraging for me. Last night i found out a friend of mine got even worse news about her health. And Over the years I have known friends and family who have lost a loved one due to sickness. So I wanna take todays devotion and incorporate faith into these helth issues . Not just for my friend but for so many others struggling with health issues. Whether they be big ones or little ones , it is still scary and hard to hold on to faith sometimes. Today turn to Ephesians 6:16 " Above all, taking the shield of faith , wherewith ye shall be able to quench all the fiery darts of the wicked. " Pray ...... Dear Lord, as humans here on this earth we have always faced frightning health issues, God , and sometimes we are more afraid then we would like to admit. Nobody wants illness. Nobody wants to go under the knife or be told they may not live to see their children grow up. But we have you, God, and with your presence today, I know I can get through any challenge . I know we can stand up to fear and the worry and vanquish it with love and faith. I know you dont give us more than we can handle, God, and that you'll be there to handle it with me nonetheless. Thankyou , God for being my shield and my rock and my faithful warrior. Amen. Ladiea will you just take a moment today to pray for everyone who is struggling health wise. And also pray for strength and peace. Also pray for healing, not just for the sick. But for their families too. Todays quote is......YOU HAVE THE POWER TO SAY, THIS IS NOT HOW MY STORY WILL END.

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