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Talk to God as if He is the love of your life.

Right now the world we live in is chaos. It is simply a mess out there. Times like these leave us feeling overwhelmed, frustrated, discouraged and sad. So many things are changing. God's love for you does not change! It is never-ending. His promises are true and consistent. We can choose to be overwhelmed by the world or we can choose to believe in the steady outpouring of the grace He has for us.

We can worry and stress, or we can find hope, joy, strength and courage in the abundance of love that God has for us. Talking to God, reading daily scripture, or simply doing a regular study or devotional can help us reflect on His promises to us. The best way to get inspired is to get in the word.

Take claim over God's grace in your life today... and may you continue to believe that your Creator loves you more than we can even possibly fathom. His love is deep. His love is with you always no matter what comes your way today, or in the year to come....Take confidence in knowing that you are the daughter of a king. Wear your crown with confidence today.

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