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Stop trying to figure God out.

We change everyday! We grow and we learn, and we love. Our relationship with God should grow everyday. Just like you grow in other areas of your life. We are still learning about ourselves too. Some of us have found our purpose in this world, and some of us are still searching. But have you ever discovered something about yourself that you never knew before? Maybe a new talent, a ne food interest, or taken an interest in a hobby that you never liked before. It might have even surprised you a bit. Sometimes while we are discovering who we are we end up finding out what we are capable of. But the best search is the search for God. Searching Him out reveals things to us that we never knew before. He is capable of things we can't even fathom. If we as humans are complex creatures, then how much more complex is God who created us. We must not limit Him or what we think we know of Him. We will never fully know His limits....But we can trust in His word and His Holy Spirit to teach us as we seek to know Him more. Getting to know God better will not go wasted. It is one of the most heartwarming things you can so for yourself.

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