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Stop looking for happiness in the same place you lost it.

Happy Easter! I Hope you all had such an awesome Easter so far . I saw an amazing Easter play this morning it really touched my heart! It made me think of a story i remembered.... There was a little girl whos mother brought her to a similar play, Years ago. This little girl remembers seeing Him carry the cross , seeing the nails put in him and she immediatly felt emotion that couldnt be explained in words. She was maybe 7 yrs old at the time, She had been to many church plays before. She always sat next to her mother and played with her mothers hands. She was always fasinated with her mothers hands. God had a way of talking to this little girl that day. That little girl was me. This time though, I was focused on his hands . The nails in them spoke to me. The blood and sweat he carried made me feel love and pain I didnt know exsisted. It was that day I knew I had a purpose to serve Jesus Christ. One of the big reasons our faith is so strong is because He is. Hope, He is Love, HE IS ALIVE! All I ask today is that you read Luke 24. 1-12. I know its Easter , but even its right before bed or Even for a moment . All of you have a blessed day. Todays quote is.....STOP LOOKING FOR HAPPINESS IN THE SAME PLACE YOU LOST IT.

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