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So oneday she discovered...She was fierce.

So I was asked a question regarding faith. I was asked... " Is it considered a lack of Faith if u pray to God for something or a situation, and then continue to pray daily for the same thing u asked him for yesterday? Isnt it showing No faith if u ask him once then keep asking? Does this not show mistrust in God? " Well the answer to this is NO. This does not show a lack of faith at all. In the book of Hebrews it clearly says ... That Faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance for what we can not see. In the same book it also says those who seek Him will be rewarded. Remember that you are being Faithful in your prayer, therefore still being faithful to your Father. You are Gods child! Heres a scenario..... You are doing your quiet time morning study...... your child runs in and says mommy Im thirsty , you know that they just had juice with breakfast , so you say ok in a minute honey. A minute later they come in again and say mommy Im really really thirsty! Now as a mother you know the different whines of ur child , you by now have deciphered the difference between trying to get ur attention or actually being thirsty. So what do u do?

You put your study on hold and you get them a drink. They continued to ask because they needed not because they wanted , and you were the only one who could serve that need , and they had faith you would do it. Our Father knows our different cries . Its ok, to pray as much as you want. Just know the Lord will give it when he knows you need it. He knows all. Today I want you to Read Parable of the Persistant Widow Luke 18:1-8 Also if you have time read Hebrews 11. What a great encouragement for the day. Sometimes as moms and wives, and woman in general. We need to see things from a perspective that pertains to us. Simply so we can understand just a little better. Lets pray...... Dear Lord.... Today I Thank YOU for My Faith. Thankyou for your wonderful words of wisdom. Thankyou for your strength. If I ever doubt, please encourage and guide my heart to those words by using your strength. Help me to hold Faith , and be a light in a world of such darkness. I Love You. I Thank You. Amen. Todays strength quote is.....AND ONE DAY SHE DISCOVERED THAT SHE WAS FIERCE, AND STRONG, AND FULL OF FIRE, AND THAT NOT EVEN SHE COULD HOLD HERSELF BACK, BECAUSE HER PASSION BURNED BRIGHTER THEN HER FEARS.

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