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Put it Down. Start Climbing.

I think it feels so good outside! Not too hot. Not too cold. Its just right! Lets begin... In life there are highs and lows . There are good days and bad days. Then theres times where it seems like everything is falling down on you all at once, For example, your fighting with your spouse, your kids are acting out in school, a family member is sick , your on the verge of losing your job. Just having anybof these by themselves is stressful enough but when the storm hits and it all happens at the same time, keeping faith during it can be exceptionally hard. Lets turn to John 3:8 " The wind bloweth where it liseth and thou hearst the sound thereof, but canst not tell whence it cometh , and whither it goeth: so is every one that is born of the Spirit. " Lets pray..... Oh Sweet Lord , when the winds of change and challenge blow hard into my life , I will take refuge in you, Oh Lord. When the darkness descends upon my home , I will fear not, for I will place my faith in you. When my child is ill or my husband is hurt, I will remain steadfast , for I know that you will be right there by my side, Oh Lord . Although I cannot see you, I know you are always with me, Oh Lord, and in that I take comfort and find strength. Amen. Todays quote is...........THESE MOUNTAINS THAT YOU ARE CARRYING, YOU WERE ONLY SUPPOSE TO CLIMB.

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