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Let's simply open our hearts to God's goodness.

Just like there are seasons in a year. There too are seasons in our life. We have some of the most celebrated, joyful seasons anyone could ask for. We also have seasons of shear and utter disappointment and pain. All of us......Every. Single. One. Of. Us. Has at some point doubted if God is really good to us. Is He really the same one who sent His son to die for us? The answer is YES! It is always YES. Even in your darkest moments of despair the answer is still YES. I have had moments like this. It was short lived... but it happened. But you know what I realized? He never left me. God never abandoned me. I simply lost sight of Him. I have had dark seasons both as a Christian and a non Christian. Both times I walked in the darkness. Both times He was there. The difference in the 2 is how I chose to walk in the darkness, and how much Faith I carried with me. I was comfortable in the seasons where I could walk a lighted path. But when trials came and the storms hit....My fear over faith kicked into high gear. Satan knew what made me fold, and he had no mercy. So when it was my season to walk in the dark forest, I chose to do it without His light. I chose anger, resentment, sadness, fear, anxiety, and everything else but the comfort of the Promises He made. So can I really blame God for not helping me? Or do I maybe admit to myself that I chose the hard way and wanted someone to blame. The good news is.... He still showed up. He still walked that path with me, even though I fought Him. I wasn't alone. I just felt alone. It is really hard to see the goodness when Satan tries tirelessly to show us evil. But sometimes tasting the goodness of God is as simple as opening up our hearts to receive what he has promised through Christ. I will encounter the dark wilderness a thousand more times in my life...and so will you. But each time we will be better at how we survive it and ove

rcome it. We may feel unworthy and unready, but if we have said yes to salvation...then we have also said yes to God's promises, His goodness, and His eternal glory. Each new time we come out of the wilderness we will have a better relationship with God. Our faith will be stronger than the last. We only need to be ready to keep Him in our sight. We must trust the path He lays out. Even in the most difficult of dark times.

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