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Let God be your trainer.

In times of frustration, it is so easy to do, or say things that we don't mean. Unfortunately when this happens, it can impact the way we make others feel. Causing emotional or physical harm to anyone is never ok. Even when we are hurt ourselves. It is easy for thoughts of revenge, or ghosting someone can enter our thoughts.Controlling our tongues, and not clinching our fists, is something that we should get in the habit of doing. Sometimes being kind, means walking away, or turning the other cheek. If this is a struggle than taking a moment to pray is a good tool. The Lord has a way of teaching us anything if we just ask. Ask God to teach you to think ahead about the results your actions might inflict. If things go awry, despite your forethought, ask Him to help you admit your wrongs and right them. Allow Him to work on you. Allow Him to give you patience , and train you up, to where you need to be.

Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way. Psalm 119:128

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