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Jesus was not white. Yet He is still King.

Today I pray. I Pray for Ahmaud's family. I pray for the the ones that went through this before him. I pray for the ones that go through it now. I pray for the ones that will go through it later. This is not a political thing. This is an evil thing. So today I pray.

I am not black. So I can not begin to know what it feels like. I can only imagine it.

It hurts to think about. So living it must be unbearable. We should never have to live in a time such as this. Evil like this should never prevail. Parents already have to fear, cancer, bullying, and a multitude of other darkness that the world has to offer. But never ever should a parent have to fear for their child, simply because of the color of their skin. It is wrong, it is heinous, and it is everything that God is not. So I am sorry. I am sorry to the mamas who have to feel a kind of fear that i know nothing about. It's unfair. I hear you. I see you. But most of all I am praying for you. I am white. But I stand with you. You don't deserve the fear. You didn't deserve the history. You don't deserve the stigma.

I want you to know that we are not all the same. Alot of us are crying. Alot of us are praying. Alot of us hate what is happening. Those of us that are.... Are talking to Jesus on your behalf.

Some just don't know. Some are ignorant to how it effects the way you live. But there are alot of us who realize. And we love you. You will not always see the justice you need here on earth. But one day you will. One day you will no longer have to live in fear. One day Jesus is coming. And then all of this will go away. If you hold on to anything today. Hold on to Him. Not the news. Not Social media. Not the hate and hurt. But Him.

Because until He gets here, He will carry you through it.

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