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If you want your kids to be good, you have to be good too.

Part of being a good leader in your family and as a parent, is to try your best to practice what you preach. When we tell our children not to do something we should try exceptionally hard to not do it ourselves. We are not perfect mothers , we will never do everything 100 percent right all the time. We will make mistakes in parenting .But what we can do is consistently get better and grow in christ. Just bringing your kids to church is not enough. Its important to pray with them. They need to see you praying , all the time, not just when you need something. They need to see you praying with your husband , and praying for people. They need to know Gods love not because you say it , but because you show it. Dont just read them the bible, teach them the bible, what it means why it was written and the history behind it. Never Gossip or insult people in front of your children. They see this , and in turn do it themselves. Let me give you a scenario......Say your kids have friends, you love their friends and cant stand their parents.......well if your child hears you talk about their friends parents , I can assure you your child will start to see that friend differently. This starts a rumor spreading bullying child of the future. Never boast or bragg about the nice things you have . This will cause your child to have an arrogant , spoiled mind frame as an adult. Theres a big difference between feeling blessed and thankful vs being proud and boastful. Something just as important is how you treat your spouse. Moms remember your daughters see how u treat their fathers. You want your daughter to be strong and independent, BUT..... That does not mean you teach her to belittle men. The best thing to do is to love and respect her father, teach her to love herself, and teach her to depend on God. Your sons also watch how you treat dad. If they grow up seeing you push dad around they will think thats how woman are suppose to be to men. Trust me mommas this is a recipe that will stir up a woman that u dislike in his adult life. You want him to pick a Godly woman . Then be a Godly woman. Your children learn by watching. Be something thats inspiring to watch. When your children grow up be the woman they tell people proudly about. Let them say...." I never heard My mother say a negative thing about anyone" "I love God because She loves God" . Ladies we can so easily fall into worldy temptation and work really hard at impressing coworkers , friends and people. To be honest half of the time the people we are impressing are not even watching. Well I can tell you right now. Those babies your raising , they are watching. They actually like seeing what you have in store. If you want to impress anyone.... Impress your kids..... Impress God. Live for them. If your gonna talk about people , talk about how great they are. Point out their strengths, not their sins. If your gonna bragg about something..... Bragg about how God is working in your life and how Lucky you are. Not about new cars and new pools or any other things of the world. One more thing ladies. Always smile no matter what....... Dont be the lady who always looks grumpy.. Be the one that always lights up the room. I have found thats one I am working on myself.

Psalm 75:5 and Deuteronomy 6:7

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