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He cleansed us and saved us.

When you think about Jesus, what is it that comes to mind? Do you think about a King, a Savior, a Hero? Maybe you think that He is a Son, a Father, a Marvelous Wonder. All of these things are correct. But how we perceive Jesus, MATTERS. How we receive His love MATTERS even more. Our personal relationship with Jesus is the most important relationship you can ever have.

Think about the relationships you have seeked throughout your life. Do you seek Jesus the same way? Have these relationships worked out for you in the past? The way you love Him makes a huge impact on how you love the people around you. Understanding His love for us, means opening your heart up to allow Him in. Regardless of the pain we have been through.

Jesus didn't come to Earth just to save us....

He also came to heal us...

To teach us....

And to show us just how powerful God's love for us is.

He takes us as we are.

He takes us broken.

He takes us bruised.

He takes us angry and sad.

He takes us at our worst.

But He doesn't leave us that way.

Jesus came with water, to cleanse us of our sin.

He came to heal us from the inside out.

He came with blood to sacrifice and save.

Trading His life for ours...

Our salvation through Christ is complete as we are washed by the water and saved by the blood.

Your relationship with Christ is something no one else can take away.

But it's also something that only you can cherish and keep safe.

Don't let the traumatic things that have happened to you, be the reason you don't have an intimate relationship with God. He will not only be your best friend. But He will become the Love of your life.

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