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Gods love can only be explained by experience.

There have been times in my life when I have stumbled. We all fall short sometimes. How many of you can honestly say you have never questioned God? How many of us have strayed from His will. Sometimes traumatic things happen. Life changing, life altering things. In the seasons of our life, when it is about as rock bottom as it can get.....Keeping our eyes on Christ is not easy. We look for ways to self destruct. We look for ways to escape His arms. We run to the first earthly numbness we can find. Sometimes we are not able to see past our own fear and pain to stop long enough to remember His love for us. Sometimes....We simply lose our way. We lose sight of the passion we once felt for God. Once we've lost our connection with Him, we don't always know how to get back. We start to ask ourselves if we have mad Him mad at u

s. We start to overthink whether or not we are worthy enough to come back. We wonder if there is too between us that He can't overlook.

The good news about Christ is that it's never too late. We are never overlooked. We are always worthy. It is as simple as returning back to Him. It is as straightforward as getting down on your knees and talking to Him. You say "God" "I am back"

When you return.... it will be as if you never left. That feeling will hit you. You will remember what it was that first drew you to Him. God will show Himself to you.

He always Comes Through!

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