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God is never quiet on accident. He hears you.

To the ones praying for peace. To the ones praying for healing. To the ones praying for guidance. To anyone, right now, asking for help in time of need. Your voice has been heard. To those scanning the night sky, you sent a star. To those tending sheep, on a silent hill, you sent a voice. If you are waiting for a sign, a purpose, or your worth, He has not forsaken you. Waiting is hard....but you are being heard. Every tear is wiped. Every scream is matters. Every prayer is being answered. If ever there is a moment that you feel unheard, then I want you to listen, watch, and believe. He is coming. He is answering. He is there. It will not always be answered in a way, we would expect. So for now.....Pray for God to let you hear, let you see, and let you accept it when He does. He will do all He intends.

And let it be, when these signs are come unto thee, that thou do as occasion serve thee; for God is with thee. 1 Samuel 10:7

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