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Find Peace with Gods Guidance

The world we live in right now is in such sadness, pain, turmoil and violence that it's hard to reach out to the unbelievers . Sometimes people have a hard time grasping the fact that if you don't truly live in peace , you will never truly rest in peace. We should always reach out to the unbelievers, not only by the words we say, but by the example our lives lead. The Lord has great ways of showing us centeredness in our lives. If your harboring resentment or anger , then you are not at a place of peace and centeredness. Which in turn does not exactly help the world become a more Christian grounded place. Even when every external thing is in an uproar , God can bring all of us back to that still small place , where his Holy Spirit resides. He is with us always and we are his beloved. We can rest in His presence in complete peace, knowing that he will protect and shelter us. We should thank Him daily for His never failing love. Although we are seeing a lot of bad in my he world at the he moment, We should make a point to look for all the places God is relevant, For instance the fall leaves and colors , the way the wind blows with brisk cool air. There's no way you can see and witness the way our beautiful world is and not see Gods presence. ~ He caused an east wind to blow in the heaven : and by his power he brought in the south wind. ~Psalm 78:26

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