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Everyone has to start somewhere.

As Mothers....... We rarely want to hear where we might be messing up. Because you strive so hard to be exceptional mothers. But sometimes it can be helpful to take sound advice from a mother who has more experiance then you. God puts people and fellowship in our lives for a reason. Its ok to ask for help or wisdom , when your raising your kids. Although I myself did not have the greatest example growing up. I have come to learn some of my best parenting from seasoned mothers. You should also remember to constantly live your life the right way. Because u never know what new mothers are watching you. Today pray for God to help you remember to calm your anxiety when it comes to parenting. And to help forget the negative thoughts that cause you to doubt yourself. And to help guide the best path in your efforts to be a role model . Ask that He help you always respect those who raised children before you. Try not to challenge convention simply for the sake of doing so, and always do so with strength and prosperity. Ladies the Lord can help keep you mindful of the example Jesus set: to respect the ways of his elders and ancestors. He did not come to destroy their ways , but to uphold and better them. Todays verse is.......Matthew 5:17" Think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy , but to fullfill .

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