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Don't Be The Judgmental Mom

Encouraging other moms is important to me. ***Today I ask that you take time this month to do one thing out of generosity for any mom you know. Even if its just praying with them. I call it the #momblessingmovement . This week while I was at the park....I overheard a conversation between two moms. I really should not have been eavesdropping but it wasn't on purpose. These 2 moms were disscussing doing some holiday cleaning and what they should do with the clothes that no longer fit their children. One mom suggested selling the clothes..... the other mom suggested she donate them..... After this suggestion the mom responded to her donation statement that" hand me downs" were a no go for her. She continued to say that "hand me downs" were for parents who were too lazy to buy their kids clothes, and that her children would never be seen in" hand me down clothes". She added that good friends dont give their friends "hand me downs" because its insulting. She doesn't want them to think she feels sorry for them. This convo seemed to go on forever......I am not gonna lie this made me 😠 mad. I really had to bite my tongue on this one. I had to take a mental pause in the middle of hearing this and sit somewhere else and pray for this womans heart. Yes pray for her. It was a heart ❤ problem. Not just because I am a Christian, but because I will proudly say that my children wear "hand me downs" I wore "hand me downs" and my mother wore "hand me downs" . My kids wear each others clothes.You know why? Its not because I am lazy. Its because I have 6 kids and I am economically smart.I know that I can use them atleast two more times. I also have given my used clothes to people . I gave them , because its the right thing to do. Especially when so many over the years have been given to me. .....because they outgrow them in 4 months.....and because the struggle is real and thats what friends do. I have bought just as many as a have been gifted and I dont regret either. Just recently a friend of mine gave me a bunch of clothes. Which was perfect timing because I bought ahead on my sons clothes for an upcoming season and he completly skipped 3T altogether. I could have bought more, and I would have. But now I dont have to. Not only did she bless me by saving the day for sizes that fit him for this season. .....but theres some that will fit him next season too. But the blessing doesn't stop there, because I didnt have to spend money on unexpected clothes for him. I was able to use that money to buy myself some much needed post pregnancy clothes , that I never would have done for myself if my baby needed clothes first. Just being a descent generous human being can go so far. The blessings extend far beyond the blessed. The Bible says so. Us moms could make life alot easier on each other if we just stopped judging and started loving. As moms and women we already fight battles everyday, convincing ourselves that were not screwing it all up. #letstartablessing

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