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Does he love you the way He loves you?

This is for the girl that thinks she's not good enough.

All because the person that was supposed to love her told her all the ways she wasn't. For some it's a dad, or an ex, or a significant other.

Every woman at some point in her life has found her worth in a relationship.

If only we found our worth in God from the very beginning. We would be so much happier. We would have avoided so much toxicity.

If only we had a magic mirror..

If only we could see ourselves the way God does..

If only we could look in the mirror at the image in front of us, and see His creation staring back us. If only we could see past the scars,, the pain,, and the insecurity..

So let me ask you this beautiful ....

Why is it you don't see yourself the way God does?

Is it because the guy you love told you all the ways you're unlovable?

He says you cry too much.

But does he wipe your tears?

He says you talk too much.

But does he listen to you?

He says you're boring.

But does he take you by the hand and dance with you in the kitchen?

He says you worry too much.

But does he make you feel safe?

He says you're a scaredy cat.

But does he hold you and tell you everything is gonna be OK?

He says your clingy.

But is he making time for you.

He tells you you're messy.

But does he help you clean?

He says you are too insecure.

But does he speak life into you.

He says your immature.

But does has he act like a man.

He demands respect.

But does he give it in return.

He looks at other women.

But does he notice when you have dressed up for him.

He tells you you're spoiled.

But is it because he spoils you?

He says that's not how a Christian wife/gf should act.

But does he love you like Christ loves the church?

He talks to his friends about you.

But does he pray to God with you.

He tells you that you complain too much.

All while he complains about all the ways you are wrong.

He says you're weak.

But he fails to see all the battles you have fought and you are still standing.

And at the end of it all wonders why you are not intimate enough.

He says a lot doesn't he?

He does a whole lot of talking and not enough praying.

Not enough trying.

Oh sweet dear,

Don't believe the lies.

Men that love Jesus, would never try to change the gift God gave them. They would never insult something as precious as you. Handmade by God.

You go ahead and cry as much as you need too.

Cry to God.

God gave you empathy.

You go ahead and talk as much as you want.

God loves to hear you.

God gave you a voice for a reason.

You are not boring.

You just enjoy the simple things in life.

God gave them to you to enjoy.

You only worry and get scared because of the trauma you have endured.

God will give you peace. It won't last forever.

You are clingy because you long for someone to finally love you like you deserve.

You are more beautiful than you believe..

You are not as crazy as he says you are.

You are still trying to figure out how to love yourself.

So maybe, just maybe you can be difficult to love.

Maybe he isn't strong enough to withstand something as powerful as you.

But don't for a second think you are not worth it.

You are worth every piece of clay God used to create you.

Who you are now is not a mistake.

Perhaps the mistake is that your worth is being taken for granted.

So today,

Stop waiting for him..

Tell him to pray with you.

Tell him to study the Bible with you.

Ask him to dance with you in the kitchen.

Buy yourself flowers.

Tell yourself how gorgeous you are.

But whatever you do.

Don't search for worth in him.

Your worth is not lost.

Don't lose your smile.

But recognize your worth in Him.

Your worth is found in the one who created you.

Not the one trying to change you.

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