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Choose To Be Like Christ

Who you choose to be to conquer your day, can be difficult at times. I know for me, I have asked myself ....I wonder who I will be today? Am I gonna be the tired momma who didn't get a wink of sleep? Am I going to be the caring mom , that serves her children's every need. Will I be the loving supportive wife? Maybe I will be called to help a friend in need. Someone might need me to listen to them, or console them. Will I be the perfect employee? The truth is ...I usually end up being all of these things. The cleaner, the counselor, the disciplinarian, the forgiver, the fighter, the crier, the cook, the hard worker and even the perfectionist. There are very few days where I get to be just 1 thing. With the chaos of life, it's hard to choose how we react to the stresses of the everyday workforce, motherhood, and lifestyle. So looking to God for guidance needs to be at the for front of every situation. Starting off the morning with a prayer , asking for the Lord's guidance through out the day, leads to a repetition of trust and peace as time goes on. Knowing that you can rely on, and lean on Him, is such a relief in times of chaos. Allowing

Him to be your guide, will allow you the opportunity

to be a better example of His word. You may not be able to always choose what emotions trigger you. But you can always choose to start your day with God. You can choose how you react to situations , and you can choose how you treat people. Choose kindness. Don't let the world, and life cause discord in your friendships, marriages , or parenting. Don't allow anger or frustration to get you fired, or thrown out. Be gentle with your children. Serving to your husband , and kind to strangers. Then the King will say to those on his right, ‘Come, you who are blessed by my Father, inherit the kingdom prepared for you from the foundation of the world. Matthew 25:34

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