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Better to be Godly than popular

I know I am about to lose conservative and liberal followers alike. Well that's ok. I still love you all. Although, I don't agree with the incoming administration's policies. I am spending this day watching the inauguration with my children. This will upset some of you. Delete me if you want. This is a historic moment. It is not my place to keep my children from witnessing it. In fact it is my duty as a mother to let them experience it. Yes I am scared about what this administration has in store, and do not think the decisions being made are the best vision. Regardless of my beliefs, my daughters are able to see a woman vice president be sworn in.

My son's get to witness what equality looks like. We stood up during the Pledge of Allegiance. We clapped after they were sworn in. We bowed our heads when they prayed. We sat quietly while they gave their speeches. Because I will raise children of dignity. I will teach my children to rise above. I will continue to teach them that God is the only one we will idolize. God is the only one we will put our trust in. In this family we will not riot when we disagree. We will not disrespect fellow Americans, because their views don't align with ours. The only side we pick is Gods. We will love people. We will love our country and we will obey the law. We will love every race, and color. We will support law enforcement . We will serve those less fortunate and we will put others before ourselves. We will come together while everyone else drifts apart. We will love people. We will not throw a tantrum because our team lost. I expect my children to hold the same values in politics that they do in my household. They don't have to like it. They don't have to understand it. But they have to respect it. My husband, my children, and I will pray. We will pray to God instead of arguing with people. We will continue to serve people, love people and stand up for what's right, without being violent and destructive. It is ok, to be dissatisfied, disappointed, scared, and sad. But you can't stay in that place. You have to at some point give it to God, and trust that He has a plan. I will not raise a generation of hateful, divisive human beings. But instead a God loving, standup for what's right generation. There is a right way and a wrong way, to stand up for what you believe in. I refuse to do it by getting mad and creating chaos and division. If Jesus Christ can walk with thorns on His head and thorns on His back, all while being ridiculed. The least we can do is congratulate someone who disagrees with us. I am not doing it because of how I feel or what I believe. I am doing it because that is what God commands me to do. The truth is just because it is how we feel doesn't mean that is what is right and true. Be careful and mindful today friends. You will see alot of angry mean people today. You will not see it from me and mine.

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