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Be at Peace. Not in Pieces.

Sometimes coming to terms with peace means coming to terms with forgiving who you used to be. And with that comes change. Change is not easy for everybody but it is achievable and sustainable with Gods help . We are all sinners , we all have demons, Everyone out there has someone that knows the worst parts of your life. There are people that know me that can tell you the worst things about me. Because of this I didn't have peace for a little while. Sometimes when the closest people to you know the worst about you, they tend to lean more towards not understanding how change can happen, once change takes place. It's the normal human reaction to not except change, it's uncomfortable and puts us out of our elements. But the human way is the way of the world, and it's important that we do it Gods way . Sometimes excepting change and obeying Gods commands means having to admit we were wrong , or maybe we judged too soon! No one likes to admit they have lacked somewhere in their Christian walk but everyone at some point stumbles. I can remember touching base with people that knew me during a dark point in my life. I was left feeling emotional because who I am , is not what they knew. So it was hard for them to understand. I thought that they would be excepting and overjoyed. Instead I was left with , questions and doubts. So I prayed and I talked to God and I said God I don't understand , if anyone would understand your sovereignty it's them, they believe like I believe , they pray like I pray, they have the same Bible I have .they know what impact You can have on a persons journey Lord ! so why? Lord , they knew me when I was lost, and scared, and in pain. I was only trying to show them how you have changed my life . How I have made it through the wilderness. He quickly reminded me how I need to come to peace with myself, he reminded me that it didn't matter what they believed and that what matters is what lies ahead and that peace wasn't going to come from looking behind, that it was only gonna come from taking a step forward, and staying focused on Him. They too have not found peace. Although I felt in my heart I was judged unfairly , during a time of despair. God reminded me that He too was judged and that the more God I have in me , the more the world will reject me. .......So ladies I tell you this testimony to say .....if you are still stuck on why your doubted , it is time to find peace.People will always doubt you, even the most seasoned believers are capable of this. Your strength and power and identity comes from Christ alone . Never make the mistake of living your life according to what people think. As long as you are doing great things , and you love God , then you are never wrong and you will go places, with or without them. As humans to much time is wasted on trying to be anything other then Gods purpose for us. The devil is good at diversion. Peace comes to those who know it is an inward state of mind, not an outward state of being. When we have attained inner balance and harmony , nothing that occurs outside of us can disrupt that claim. Those who have true peace of mind know that they can meet both good fortune and misfortune with a positive attitude and achieve an equally positive outcome. Inner peace depends not on outer circumstance, but on how we choose to react to it within. - Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. Matthew 5:9

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