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A Prayer Filled Marriage

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

We have to sometimes except a little bit of truth that makes us uncomfortable. Marriage.......... I am not an expert on this but I

A Prayer Filled Marriage

defiantly have the experience. In marriage it is extremely important that you pray together. That you study scripture together. That you are understanding to one another. I asked 10 couples I knew to try something for me. The couples marriage length goes all the way from newlywed to golden years. These couples do not read bible and pray together on a regular basis. So I challenged them to dedicate time to read together and pray together for 1 week. Every single couple all had a positive outcome and positive feedback. They said this challenge brought them closer together then the week prior. One husband said....... Watching his wife pray made him realize how strong and caring she was. One woman said that she hasn't connected that strongly to her husband in a while. Ladies..... Involve your husband in your prayer. Goodnight prayers and bedtime stories with the kids isn't just the mommy thing. Encourage dad to do it with you. Pick a time each day to dedicate time to read a chapter or 2 of the bible. Even if its morning coffee on the porch. Its not always enough in marriage to only go to church together. That in itself is just not enough spiritual glue. This time is crucial to a strong marriage..... Isn't it romantic? Just you ...... The King and your love. No matter what talk to each other. Reminisce, joke with each other, vent to each other......enjoy yourselves.... But try during this week ...... To vow to only have positive conversations. Not any negative talk whatsoever. Designate a place at your home to be only "positive talk" section. So if its the front porch ....then let the front porch be the "No negative zone" . You will soon realize that you will both gain a lot from these quiet, regular moments of sharing. After all the Bible reminds us how Gods presence in your marriage , creates a powerful "threefold cord" . Only a marriage grounded in Christ , will be strong. Todays verse is ......... Ecclesiastes 4:12 " And if one prevail against him, two shall withstand Him; and a threefold cord is not quickly broken.

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